Google launched food ordering and home services app called Areo
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Recently Google has launched it’s new App without any press release it’s called – Areo. In Greek Areo means the planet Mars which is a center planet of the Galexy. This app also work like the same ie. It like central system for food and services of India.

It is easier and faster app to order food and home services online. Currently it is only working in Bangalore and Mumbai in India as a Beta testing. If this things goes well then Google will probably expand this services to the other cities in India and other countries as well.


This App helps you to order food from your favorite restaurants just within a single click from your phone. It have built in feature that you can easily search by dish or restaurant name and you can filter out between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


Apart from food delivery you can also avail other local services such as electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, etc. much faster, right from your phone.

This app will totally work on the basis of reviews. If your restaurant have more reviews with comparison to other then it will come first instead of other listed restaurant. Reviews also helps to make sure that the services you are availing is perfect and good according to other users feedback.

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