A Comprehensive Guide of Facebook Marketing!
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Facebook is one of the biggest Social Media Platform in the World, Since 2004 till today this social networking platform has more than 1.45 billion daily active users and approx 2.20 billion monthly active users. From the last 14 year’s there are so many changes and improvements happen on this platform, and even if you compare today’s Facebook from itsfirst version you can easily compare its improvement.

Now you can see approx 60% of Internet User uses Facebook with approx 1.45 billion active users and 2.2 billion monthly user which means out of 3.58 billion internet users 2.2 billion users are using the Facebook account. Hence we concluded that Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach out the users across the globe. That’s why Facebook is not only a social networking platform, but it is like a tool which can be used to promote your business.

Now the question is that, Are you taking advantage of this Giant Social Networking platform? Probably not, Now again the problem is how you can gain leverage of this platform.

Here is the Answer. Facebook have two types of pages if you are a person then you have a profile page, and if you are a business owner, then you have a business page where you can make your business as digitally presence it also enables Facebook users to “like” and “follow” your business page. The important thing is that once a user hit “like” or “follow” your page then he or she will start receiving updates about your business whenever you will post something new about your business, and it will appear on their News Feed as well.

That’s the reason, We have created this brief guide to give you a jumpstart journey to becoming you a Facebook marketer pro.

In this detail guide you will learn the following topics:

  • Setting Up a Facebook Business Page
  • Getting Facebook Likes
  • Types of Facebook Posts
  • Advertising on Facebook

Creating Facebook Page


Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

If you want to proceed with Facebook Marketing then you have to have Facebook business page. It’s too easy to create a Facebook business page, and it doesn’t require deep technical knowledge as well.

The Facebook page is like a business profile where you can promote your business. Here is how you can create the Facebook page.

1. Go to to start creating your Facebook Page.

2. Now here you have six different categories you need to choose from them.

Local Business or Place

Company, Organization, or Institution

Brand or Product

Artist, Band, or Public Figure


Cause or Community

3. Now when you are selecting the category it should be right. Obviously you can change the category later on but still you need to keep in mind it should be right. So that your user won’t get confused.

4. Now once you done with catogery and name then press “Get Started”. And, you are done! But wait a lots of other things yet to be done!

Adding a Profile Picture

Now the Important step is yet to be taken; Once you have done with the page setup, then it’s time to give a brand identity. You need to upload a profile picture on your Facebook page. Keep in mind it should clear, and it must talk about your business because it is the primary image of your business. I would suggest if you want to build your brand then it would be a good idea to upload your business logo as a profile picture. The size of the profile picture should be at least 180×180 px. To maintain the quality of the Image, you can upload a higher dimension profile picture.

Adding a Cover Photo

Facebook Marketing Guide

Profile Cover photo is a large, rectangle, horizontal image located at the top of the page. I will appear together with your profile picture it is also very important place where you can talk about your business USP. When you see “Add a Cover Photo” option. Just you need to click upload cover photo then you need to choose the picture from your computer with the perfect dimension cover image dimension is 851×315 px. Now after perfectly placed the cover image you need to save it.

Now next step is to talk about your business and write about it. So now you can click on the short description point and then you have to write a shore description about your business.

Creating a Username


Facebook User name has limit of 50 characters. It is like a brand name of your business so you have to think accordingly. This User name will help people to find your page easier on Facebook search.

Now it’s done you are done with Facebook Page Setup. However, there are few more things you can do with your Facebook page like you can set your admin of the page and can add other staff member of the page.

Now the next step is to get more likes on your newly created business page.

Now this is the important point where you need to brainstorm. When you start creating a Facebook Page you probably a goal in mind that you could be launching a new product, building brand, drive sales, collect leads, increase video view etc.

Facebook like shows that how many users want to be updated with your posts and they want to see your page’s post on their News Feed.

Now the Question is Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

The answer is really big NO. Yes No, You should not buy Facebook like. But remember if you want to engaged your visitors and your primary goal is to increase the leads of the business then offcourse you can try Facebook Ads.

I have already written the process and step you should follow when you are going to start facebook ads, you can follow that process.

Click here to know more.

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