How to Migrate From HTTP to HTTPS – A Complete Guide!
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Want to retain your search traffic after moving from HTTP to HTTPS? As we know addding certification of HTTPS is one of the tedious job and it required a proper planning. So here step-by-step guide that will resolve all of your doubts and you can easily done the task in very simple way.

From July On-words Chrome is already marking some website as ‘not secure’ after announcement made by Google in the beginning of this Year. According to Wikipedia approximate 59.69% users uses Google Chrome as a primary web browser and approximate 60% of the world wide Website is not using HTTP in there website. So now they have to update themselves with HTTPS.

Although Google has already reveals that HTTPS will add value in SEO as well. It is also an important factor, if you are accepting any personal data from the Users and you are truly think and worried about your customers data then you should use HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) it helps to save your customers data from unwanted users.

Now You need to Understand What is the Meaning of HTTPS and SSL?

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure, When HTTP uses an SSL certificate to established a connection between browser and server that called HTTPS. That means any information shared between server and browser is secure with encrypted method. SSL is the certificate to established a connection between browser and server.

Here is the step by step guide to help and cross the path.

  • Security Acquisition and Server Installation
  • This step depend upon your hosting services and setting on your server. What you required is a security certificate which will installed on your server. There are many providers who provide free and open source certificate you can use that services and avail that facility.

  • Update Every Reference from Images to external files
  • Now this is another important steps you have to follow, If you fail to update all the related files or folders then there will be mixed content problem you will face. Some of the Content you will see with https and some of the content without http. like Webpages you will see include https and webpage images you will see without http. That need to shortout otherwise your website might be hack.

    If you are using a WordPress website then any plugin you are using must be tested properly then needs to update accordingly.

  • Links Redirection Should be Update
  • If you are a SEO person then it is the another most important step you have to follow. Whatever the link is connected in your website all those links needs to update so that someone will not get 404 Error. If you will not update that link then you might faced drastic changes in SEO Result. Once you will redirect the whole website and it’s external links than you can run a crawler to get all the information about backlinks and other things from that crawling report you can take further action.

  • Compel HTTPS with Redirects

Now this is also depends upon your setup and hosting. If you have a WordPress website then you can handle this things automatically through admin panel of WordPress itself. If you are using any other platform then you need to use proper redirect rule either though htaccess or you can directly contact your service providers they will help you.

Now the things here is how to avoid Hacking after installation of Https. Simple answer is use HSTS.

HSTS stand for HTTP Strict Transport Security. It is a web-server directive that compels all the data requests to be loaded via HTTPS. So now when HSTS is enabled then your website will be safe from ‘bad people’ no other option of hacking for them.

After all the necessary steps it’s time to update XML Sitemaps, HREFLANG, Canonical Tags and robots.txt file.

This is the second necessary steps you have to follow because this will affect your overall SEO.

So the first things first add Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security to Google Search Console (GSC). Now you need to create a new profile on Google Search Console and then submit all the required things in Google like sitemaps and robots also fetch updated web-pages.

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