How to Optimize Your Enterprise Website SEO for Increased Leads
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization one of the most popular traffic generation method it helps to bring organic visitors to your website. As we know organic visitors is the best way to increase the business growth.

SEO Strategy should follow according to the Website and business. We can’t follow same strategy for Ecommerce business as well as a Enterprise Website SEO. Ecommerce Website strategy should be different then blogging website while we can use same strategy like blogging for Service related website.

Today we are going to discuss blogging related SEO Strategy in detail.

Below is the topic you will learn after reading this blog.

  • How blog SEO is different from website SEO?
  • How to perform SEO on a blog
  • Decide niche & strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Content optimization for keyword
  • Link building & Natural Link

How Enterprise SEO is different from simple services website SEO?

In any Enterprise website we always and regularly we should published new content while in a ecommerce website we always add many new products and in small services or product based company website we have static website where content rarely get changed.

So if the website structure is different and website content type is different then why Enterprise SEO strategy is same? It should be different isn’t it?

If your business have normal website with only 10-15 pages then basically you do on-page SEO first and then link building and social media marketing to promote your business. But when your website have many blogs and these blogs regularly update then you will have to update On-Page SEO on regular basis and you have to do link building on regular basis to achieve the ranking.

In other words we can say Enterprise SEO is fully different from other Website SEO and blogging SEO needs special attention.

How to Start Enterprise SEO of B2B Website?

The Goal of any SEO is to bring visitors on the website and If B2B website then the below idea will be useful for your blog.

  • Niche Target :

We saw that there are many people who started blogging with random topic but they stop writing later on after few months when they don’t get too much traffic and they never get money from blogging then they quit it.

So would suggest you before starting blogging you need to research your market for which you are going to write. You need to think that how much it is profitable or not. You have to research before writing that how much people are searching for that particular keywords on which you are writing. For research you can use Keywords research tools like, Google Keywords planner etc.

Now the thing is that which type of keywords you should focus to bring the traffic on your website and Yes the answer is the keywords which related to your niche market along with some long tell keywords and I would also recommend choose the keywords which have medium competition and high searches.

  • Target Audience:

Let’s suppose you have done writing article and start sharing it on different – different social media profile then you have to choose who your target audience is. For example, if you are writing an article related to finance and you start sharing that article to IT people then it is not relevant target audience because IT people will not care about finance related issue.

  • Post blog frequently :

If you really want visitors flow on your website then you must regularly post blog on your website. The more blog you post the more traffic you will get. Follow the step as I already suggested previously that do deep research of your audience before start writing and keywords research is also one of the part of blog topic research. Just keep in mind to research well and long tell keywords for your blog. Always try to find out such keywords which will helpful to bring high number of traffic. You can easily do it through Google keywords planner or you can also search some pre suggested keywords by Google which is related to your topic at the bottom of search result page.

Some other way to find out high traffic keywords list is to extract that keywords through Google auto suggestion tool. You can also use some popular keywords research tools like, UberSuggest and Google Keywords planner. You can also get some idea from Wikipedia or some popular blog itself what they are targeting. Also keep in mind that always find out search volume of all the keywords you have and then use the keywords which is industry related and high search volume keywords.

  • Competitor Analyzing:

Now this is one of the another major step you have to follow, find out competitors blog using the keywords you have that will helpful to choose the topic related to that keywords and that blog. So you can easily think and analysis your topic of the blog.

Content optimization for keyword

Now you have everything ready you have content in your hand you have keywords in your hand you did competitor analyzing each and everything is ready. So you have to focus on to optimize your content. For that you have to use your high and medium search volume keywords and I would suggest don’t use too much keywords stuffing on your website. Just 2-3 keywords is good i.e. 1.5%-2% of Keywords density is good for your content.

Make sure always write content for Users not for Search Engine, I mean to say always write content in such a manner so that people should not think that you are just writing to rank your webpage. So don’t stuff the keywords at all.

You can use the below strategy while writing the content.

Use first keywords within 150 words of the article along with the secondary keywords also always use only 1.5% of keywords in 1000 words of content mixed with primary and secondary. Keep keywords using with H1 to H3 tags. Use keywords in Image title and Alt text as well. The reason behind is that Search Engine never reads images for that they use to read image Alt text and title text when you use those keywords then it will help your website images rank on search engine.

  • Link Building:

It is another important SEO Strategy and you can earn or create backlink by using many ways. Below are some of the link building strategy.

  • Blog Commenting:

The Easiest way to get quality backlink is to do blog commenting of your particular blog and post. Here you will have to do some work and find out the links which offer Dofollow links. Don’t try to just spam the comment should be meaning full and it should look natural.

  • Guest Blogging :

Guest Blogging is another good method to get good backlinks what you have to do is, you have to create good and relevant content related to your industries and then you should start posting those content in relevant website. Keep in mind again don’t try to spam just try to publish one blog at one site only.

  • Interlinking :

Always try to interlink your old blog post to link with new blog which will helpful to promote your old blog to new one.

Apart from it there are many other way to create backlinks like PDF Creation, PPT Promotion, and Bookmarking etc. But you have to think and understand which activity is beneficial for your website.


B2B or Enterprise Website and Simple Website both are different and its promotional activity should also be different, so don’t just believe that SEO activity would be same for every business.

Let me know via comment below if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions.

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