What is Good Backlink? (Natural Link)
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Natural Link

In SEO the terms like natural links, quality links, and good links are going to be thrown around like crazy.

Either you pitching with your client, attending any seminar or conference or discussing with your boss. It’s very much important to understand about the different types of links. In this post We are going to describe you the definitions of quality backlink. Which help you to boostup your ranking.

First of all Let’s Start discussion about. What is Natural Backlink? :

Keep in Mind that Natural link always occurs organically it doesn’t have tracking parameters, it doesn’t content sponsored or paid content and it doesn’t redirect through JavaScripts or monetization tools.

What is Unnatural Link

Unnatural Link are paid link can be formed through placement of different – different sources like PR, Media Buyers or being monotized through affiliate marketing etc. It can easily be tracked.

Also if unnatural link are do follow link then it could be benefit for your business and helpful for your SEO Strategy as it will give high volume of link juice. Unnatural Link always have some tracking parameters like UTM, Medium etc.

What is Semi-natural link

Semi natural link is somehow a natural link because these type of link doesn’t content sponsored tag or paid content tag. If you paid some influencer to promote your website through sharing in it’s social media channels then these type of link is called Semi Natural link. As these link redirected to the landing page and you can capture lead from there. So you can also placed UTM for tracking.

Our Question is still unanswered

What Are Quality Backlinks?

Answer is Quality backlinks are those type of links which is come from high quality sites.

So now the question is what is quality sites?

See the definition of quality sites is vary according to your requirement. Like the website which regularly update the page and they have good number of outbound link. If they are view-able in Google news feed then its another good sign.

What Makes a Good Link

Good links depend upon your work strategy and requirement. It can be any type of link with good number of positive impact. There important factors of Good link based upon your type of SEO for example you are working for a chinese website then for that Good links are the links which is approved by China Government. Same if you are doing working for any Russian website then for that good backlink is the link which is approved by Russian Government and are not any backlinking to the website which is banned from Russian Government.

So everything is depend upon the situation and the website you are working for, it’s not the thumb rule keep in mind about it.

If you want to track which is good and which is bad backlink you need to watch regularly into the Google Webmaster. If you analysing bad backlink in your website just disavow that link. It will help you to be with industries trends.

Now the question is how you can build Quality Backlinks for your website.

If you are focus on quality backlink instead of quantity then its good technique and yes you will also protect your website through Google Updates. More important point is that What ever the link you will create it should be relevant and industries focus.

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