Google Adds ‘Personal’ Tab to Search Results to Show Personal Email & Photos.
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Google Adds ‘Personal’ Tab to Search Results to Show Personal Email & Photos.

Google is now become more personalized search result with a new “Personal” Tab which has been rolled out recently.

Now you have option to see one extra marked tab “Personal”. You can find this tab after scroll down the carousel of different – different tabs.

Within that tab Google will show all the result either from you Gmail or recent personal searches which has been collected by them when ever you perform a search.

Here’s an example of what I have discovered during my testing. Here are some search result screenshot I discovered.

In this “Personal” Tab, Google has collected the data from Gmail and then shown the result as receipt. This section also shown you the keywords “ProtineX” which has been searched while purchasing.

Below are some of the example of different types of Searched result I found.

In this “Personal” tab Google has discovered all the information I frequently used to search as well as through my Gmail account. In this section below are my photos which is taken from Google account and some of the result contains some ads.

Google Search Result

One more thing Google has clearly mention the thing that “only you can see these results.” So go and find out your personal stuffs.

What you think is its privacy breach or good steps by Google. Do comment below

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