How to Start an Online store using WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce and wordpress plugin

Do you wanna start your own eCommerce store? We are here to help you using some tips and tricks. We know that starting an eCommerce store is not very easy it required alots of technological mind and if you are not a techie guy then you will stuck in the middle. That’s why we come up with a solutions for you guys. In this Solutions you will learn step by step process to create online store using WordPress.

What the basic requirement for Start an Online Store?

  1. A domain name (It will be the name of your store eg.
  2. Website Hosting Space (This is the space where your website will live on the Internet)
  3. 30-45 Mins. daily for Promotion.

Now here we go with the simple steps.

I believe you already have a domain name with hosting for your eCommerce store. That’s why we are not going to describe you the process of register domain & hosting.

Now apart from it we will cover up other essential things for setting up the eCommerce store. These things would be

  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Create a WooCommerce store
  • How to Add Products in your Online Store
  • How to Select and Customize Your Theme
  • How to Extend Your Online Store with Plugins
  • How to Start promotion of your Online eCommerce Business.

Step 1. Setting up or Installation of WordPress

  1. Download WordPress. Download the WordPress CMS to your local host from
  2. Upload WordPress to Hosting Account.
  3. Create MySQL Database and User.
  4. Run your domain it will ask your Database name with User Name. Hence configuration of wp-config.php complete.
  5. Run the Installation.
  6. f: Complete the Installation.

Step 2. How to create WooCommerce Store or Installation of eCommerce Plugin (WooCommerce)

For this step just go to add plugin section and search WooCommerce plugin simple add and activate WooCommerce by WooThemes.


WooCommerce has alots of options you can check there documentation from here.

So after installation WooCommerce required several many functionality setup including a Cart page, product page etc.

You need to setup your location, units and currency.


Shipping & Tax info. You can also change it later on or customize this option later.


Then you have to enter your payments info. You can enter your Paypal Id, Your Other Payment Method whatever the payment method you want for your stores.

payment info

Now your eCommerce Store is installed and ready to go. Now we are going to describe you how you can easily add products and start marketing of that product.


Now once everything is perfect then you need to check your URL Structure. You need to check existing WordPress functions. You can change permalinks of your online stores because once you will setup your store then that will return some numeric value. You can change it easily just go to the Woocommerce link on your dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Setting -> Products. Put the Value whatever you want.

10-WooCommerce-Permalinks-1024x423 (1)

Once you will setup your store then it will not conflict your other post of WordPress ie. blog post or pages etc. So you need to customize according to your needs. for eg. If you want to mobile as product category then WooCommerce will by default show as or .

That’s fine it make sense but if you want to change these default feature then you can easily by changing of Product permalink options.

Now your store is ready just you have to do a little tweek in your site for changes in permalink. Although It’s Easy.

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