Bing Introduce Personalized Image and Video Feeds
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Now You can easily personalize your image and video feeds based on interests and favorites, Recently Bing introduce this feature. Just you have to visit the Bing homepage and navigate to the images or video whatever you want over-there you will see a “Feed” tab.


You can personalize your feed based on trending searches. So If you want to save your feed then you need to signing in and then select some interest or save your favorite images. To Save your favorite image or video you need to click on ‘+’ icon in the bottom left corner. Once you will save it then it’s Bing turn it will curate more images related to your personal data. If you want to see your saved date just you have to click ‘Saves’ tab at the top of the page.


Once Bing will understand about your interest then it will show the image related to the same. The Important part is these things will sync across the device as long as you are signed into your account.

From Coming July ‘Interest Feeds’ will be integrated in the Android Skype app also. Just you have to click “Find” panel of any chat then you can find it, It will available in any chat windows.

BingonSkype (1)

Note : It is in testing process so might be this feature will not available in your countries.

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