How To Start Blog? Make Money Online

How To Start a Blogging and Make Money Online

You want to start making online money through Blogging? Here is some tips and tricks.

  • Part 1: Getting Your Blog Set Up Right
  • Part 2: Keep Good Effort for Your Website
  • Part 3: Create Content Properly
  • Part 4: Website should be properly maintain
  • Part 5: Keep a proper Mindset
  • Part 6: Embedded AdSense Within your Blog

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Getting Your Blog Setup Right

  1. Always used self-hosted CMS platform instead of free Hosted like

If blogging is just a hobby for you then not an issue but if you want to monetize your blog then you should used self hosted CMS. It means you need to buy your own domain and host your site there. It will be easy for you too to customized the site properly and your blogging site will be also SEO friendly.

Note : If you’ve already started blogging somewhere else and you want to switch your post into the new hosted CMS blogger then you can just copy and paste all the post.

  1. Choose perfect Web hosting company.

Web hosting matter’s a lot so don’t choose only such a company which your friend is using you should understand the benefit and uptime of the company.

Note : If you are not happy with your webhosting company then you can easily switch it, there are alots of webhosting company provide free switching services.

  1. Always Take Backup.

Yes Backup of the Website is very important, so always take a backup of all your site with its database. There are many hosting companies providing automatic backup facility for your site so you can just subscribe that facility.

Note : After taking up backup you can store it in the cloud so that it could be easily accessed from anywhere.

  1. Build your Email list from the day one :

So whenever you are going to start your blogging site always used email subscription place where someone can easily subscribe you and then you can used lead magnets to reach such visitors.

Here are some of the example of lead magnets.

  • A short .pdf guide or ebook.
  • A “cheatsheet”, checklist, poster or other quick-to-use resource.
  • An audio recording or video that isn’t available to the general public.
  • A short online course that teaches them something.

Note: So if you are really serious about your subscriber list and want to increase it then you can used plug-in for your site to captured the subscriber list.

Keep Good Effort for your Website

So if you are going to start blogging site then you need to keep in mind that always keep your brand value good so that readers can easily understand your language, it shouldn’t be grammatical mistake etc.

  1. Use proper Categories and Tags in your Blog.

Whatsoever blogging platform you are using you always used proper “categories” and “tags”. So before using it you should understand the differences between then.

  • Categories are Like a Table of Contents of your Blog :

It is one of the important things you need to do in your blog that don’t leave your blog without categories always used a proper categories for your every post. You can put 2 or more then 2 categories for one blog but it should be proper.

  • Tags are Like an Index for Your Blog

Tags might be only used for one and two post for entire blog. So finally you can have multiple tags in a particular blog but be assuring that don’t used Tags in spammy way.

  1. Used Google Analytics from Starting.

One of the important tools for the marketer presented by Google with free of cost its Google Analytics. So once you have started your blogging site then installed any plugin for Google Analytics and put your analytics UI tag there you can used Google Tag Manager for installing the code in your website as well just you need to put UTM tag in your website.

Create Content Properly

Don’t try to post abundant of content in to your blog without any reason, be assure that whatever the content will be published it should be high quality content.

  1. Content should be Quality and Consistently published.

There are alots new blogger who only think that they need to published a blog every day or more then 2 or 3 blogs in a day that’s not true. You need to understand instead of Quantity of post you have to produce quality which will help to attract users very well. You can create a content calendar for proper planning of the upcoming content.

  1. Properly Use all the SEO technique OnPage is Important.

You may or may not be think about SEO before writing the content but faith on me it is one of the important factors for ranking. So always used proper Keywords density within your blog with proper keywords you can search out the important keywords through Google Adwords Keywords Planner and then Interlink the blog with other blog for  proper used and used proper Meta Tags in your blog so once your blog will rank meta tag should be understandable for the Users as well.

  1. Use Guest Post to attract Users.

Yes Guest post is still alive you can used it to promote your blog, there are many blogger who still used Guest post to increase their visitors. It also increases your credibility.

Site should properly maintain and run smoothly

However your content is very popular and very effective but still people won’t stick around it if it will take too much time to overload it. So your website should run smoothly for that you can used these process.

  1. Used Cached Plugin :

This is one of the very important steps and everyone leave it without doing it. So don’t do this silly mistake used a cached plugin in your website like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

  1. Always Optimized all of your web Images.

Whenever you are using any images for your website keep in mind that it should be properly optimized for properly optimization of the blog images you can used image optimization tools like WP Smush etc.

Keep a proper Mindset

Blogging is not a quick path to get fame and fortune you need to keep calm and patients.

  1. There are No Overnight Successes

While you are building your blog or writing it properly but still you might seen that you don’t have enough visitors on your site then don’t worry keep your mindset focus and write your blog in a proper way. Once you have done you can get alots of money just within few days but you need to focus on consistency and relevancy of the content.

Embedded AdSense within your blog

This is one of the most important steps to earn money online just you need to grow visitors within your site then you can easily get alots of money. Once you have enough number of visitors and your website has atleast 6 month old then you can request Google AdSense, Chitika etc. and earn money online easily.

At-last If I missed something let me know after doing a comment below it will help me to get your feedback whether it is negative or positive.

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