Google Analytics new feature for AdWords reporting.
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Here is the new update of Google Analytics which will integrate with Google AdWords. Take a look at there

For more details please visit – latest release notes from Google Analytics.

Here is the Highlight feature of these update.

Deeplinking into AdWords from the AdWords Reporting Section in GA: Now AdWords logo will appear next to every campaign of Google Analytics and when you will click on that logo you will go to that campaign. Now you don’t have to open your AdWords account separately to changes the campaign.

Flexible Auto-tagging : So now If you will enable your AdWords account with auto-tagging then the UTM value will automatically appears to the Analytics, So now advertisers don’t have to tag manually in their ads, all the advertiser will easily able to customize UTM value of there Campaign, Source, Medium, Content or Keyword even when auto-tagging is enabled. These value will be automatically integrate in to Google Analytics for the reporting part in analytics.

New Sitelinks report in AdWords :  Now we can easily added a Sitelinks report to the AdWords reporting sections in Google Anlytics. This report include data for actual clicks on the sitelinks leading to the website.

User Explorer Reporting feature :  Now using this feature allows customers to anonymously analyze individual interactions to their website. This feature is now available in the Audience sections. There will be an Anonymous Client ID and User ID will be surfaced in this report as a part of the release.

AdWords Final URL Dimension: Now you can see and switch your Google Analytics account from “destination URLs” to “final URLS,”. Now the destination URLs in AdWords section of Google Analytics is the final URLs report.

May be yet you did’t not see these updates in your account as Google still continuing to roll out these feature for the next few days.

Click Here to Know More about Latest Update of Google :

Google Analytics New Feature Adwords Reporting
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