Best technology list you can use for better SEO
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For SEO Prospect it is important to stay on trend to survive your website in this competitive era.

Your website must have update with these things.

  • Fast Page Loads & User Friendliness : It is important to update your website with latest technology so that your website speed should be fast and it should be user friendly. Now It should be secure because there are alots of spammer wants to get your data in unethical way. So for these thing you can optimized your website with Images, Code as well as you can add GZIP Compression in to your website. Your website must have user friendly as well as mobile friendly so that it should be accessible to all the device with clear view of all the pages and content.
    If your website have mobile friendly then you will get some more good ranking over the Google Search Engine.

You can also check your website Mobile friendliness from the free tools provided by Google.

Google has defined Mobile friendliness of the website using these things.

  1. You must avoids your website to used Flash software and similar types of software that don’t play with mobile.
  2. It should be fit within your device.
  3. Website text should be readable clearly.
  4. All the content should be accessible clearly (i.e. links, buttons, and fill-in fields are easily clickable and accessible with thumbs and fingers).

All these criteria has been used by Google to check your website have user friendly or not.

  • HTTPS Implement : If you have financial sites, payment portals, email, and sensitive transactional website then your website must have HTTPSt to save your website being hacked by any hacker. So if you are using HTTPS protocol then it protect your website from online eavesdropping, So that hackers won’t get credit card numbers and other sensitive information from your website.
    • Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles : If your webpages have Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles enabled where web page loaded instantly that’s good benefit for your business. Google combined there hand with many technology companies and created the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Projects, It is an open source HTML Project dedicated to fast and furious page loads.

    What is AMP & Instant Articles?

    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) it is a accelerated delivery code used for creating instant page article for the website. So once you will used it your website will be too fast so that not even a single user will be return due to website loading issue. AMP Code works with photos, videos, and GIFs, in addition to written content. If your website is developed over the WordPress then you have option to using of WordPress AMP Plugin for your website.

    Now Facebook has its own version of fastest content delivery approach which is called Instant Articles. When you used this publishing tool then content will be more faster and it will be load fastest and instant delivery just like Google’s AMP technology. It is one of the best tool for your content if you are focused and your target users are over the Facebook.

    • Apps must available for Ecommerce : If you have eCommerce website then, I will recommend you to used your own apps for your website. Apps must be available for all the platform like Android, Windows, iPhone and Blackberry as well. It will help you to get more visitors for your store so that you can easily get more and more visitors for your store.

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