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Page speed another ranking signal in Mobile Search
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Here is the another ranking factor disclosed by Google in their announcement, Now from starting July 2018, Page Speed will become another ranking factor for mobile search result too. Page speed is already a major ranking factor for desktop since 2010 but now it will also be used for mobile ranking.

This Algorithm update is being called the “Speed Update,” majorly it will be target only for slowest loading pages. Also to be concluded that there are no such tool that will help to determine that whether the page is being affected by this algorithm update or not.

Google also offers the following advice :

”We encourage developers to think broadly how about performance affects a user’s experience of their page and to consider a variety of user experience metrics.”

Google also clarify that the page is depend upon user query intent like a page will still rank well if it’s highly relevant for the Users. Hence we can say it is not complete death for slow pages in mobile search result but yes off-cource it would be a helpful measurement and you can easily optimize your page as much as you can to rank better in mobile search as well.

We recommend that you can test your page using Google PageSpeed Insights to check whether your page need more optimization or not.

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