Tips : How to Create an Effective Landing Page?
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Landing Page is a webpages where we directly send visitors and initiate deal and increase conversion and close the deal. Effectiveness of any Landing page could be depend upon the conversion of lead. All we can say it’s like a lead magnet for any business. So for positive user experience and get higher conversion we need best landing page for business growth.

According to The Landing Page Course,

Landing pages live separately from your website and are designed to only receive campaign traffic. As we’ll see, this separation allows them to be focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporting & testing a simpler task.

So Before Going to Start about Landing Page and its development. Firstly you need to decide What, Who & How?

  1. What is the Goal for your Landing Page?
  2. That needs to be decide, before development of Landing page for business promotion through any medium. Here you have to decide, What’s your Visitors would do once they reach upon your landing page. Would they buy Something? they fill out some Form? They Signup for Newsletter? What would there first step? You have to determine your objective Goal then you have to create strategy to achieve that Goal.

  3. Now Who is your Competitor?
  4. This is the most important question because you have to analysis who is your competitor and how they are growing, what are their strategy can we copy their strategy or can we copy their success? If your competitors are growing with their work then you should also get and idea from them don’t try to copied all the things, you can just copy there strategy and then used it with your own. That will be your win win situation.

  5. Who is your target Audience?
  6. If you are going to start a campaign with landing pages then always keep in mind about the audience prospective & its requirement. What they are thinking? What they are searching? How you are going to target them? All these things will affect your target audience.

Now the Question is

How to create good landing page that return highest ROI.?

Now after cover up Pre-landing page questions and suggestion you have to observe how you can create great landing page for your business.

So the question is that, What the necessary information you should include in a landing page to get and attract more visitors. What the content should include in a post to attract and convert more visitors in the landing page.

Now here is the important things you have to do while you are going to create Landing Page.

  • Target is Goal Conversion :

    Yes, It is one of the main target you have. You have to create such pages hence you get more and more conversion from that landing page. Strategy should also depend upon it. It’s varies or may be fix depend upon the conversion you required.

  • Page Design Should be flawless :

    It is the most important part for any landing page that its design should be clear and visitors get all their answer from that landing page. Make your strategy according to your desired conversion. If you wants more form submitted then make your form eye catchy. If the goal is to download the form then download button should be eye catchy so that it’s start getting clicked.

  • Clear Call to action :

    Call to actions can be headline text, button text. You should keep in mind that you have to tell your customer exactly what you want give them in your landing page. Your Visitors should easily understand why they are here and what they have to do in this landing page. You should mention clear messages.

  • Eye Catchy Headlines :

    LandingPage should present clear message to the user so that user should easily understand why they are here. For Example “Twitter Marketing Ebook (Headlines), Learn More about Twitter retweets, likes and engagement (Sub heading) etc. Once you will use such detail in your landing page then you will easily get conversion from it.

  • Page should be for Visitors not for you :

    What ever you are writing in the page or what ever you are talking in the page. It should be clear messages don’t being lie in-front of your visitors. Always show clear message to them that Why they are here and what they will get from here

  • Show Customer Review & Social retention :

    Word-of-mouth is one of the good marketing technique, In this Virtual world word-of-mouth comes in the form of Likes, re-tweets, +1s and online customer testimonials or reviews. So if you got some big brand testimonials in the past be assure that you have mention it.

  • Page Responsive :

    The Landing page you are going to design it should be fully responsive. It should be compatible in all form and type of screen whether it is in Mobile, Tab or Desktop. So that you will get more n more visitors for your landing page.

  • Keep it Fast & Furious :

    Landing Page Speed is essential. If the page will not load properly within a fix time frame then you will get very high bounce rate. So the excellency is in page loading speed. You can use less images and big file so that the page couldn’t take too much time to load.

  • Keep Testing :

    There is a quote

    “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do”

    That’s more important always trust on yourself if plan A didn’t work then us plan B. You know there are 26 letter in Alphabets so always try to use them. Keep testing A/B Testing, A/B/C Testing etc.

  • Track Everything :

    Now this is another important aspect. Once everything get ready and start. Than you have to start track all of them. The main important keypoint is to make your page more actionable through data you got it from tracking.

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