Tips to Start Facebook Ads
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I’m a regular user of Facebook from last 5- 6 yr’s from emerging of the Facebook and regularly scrolled through Newsfeed, I really like the pics and news all around the world, but I am getting stuck now, Is really I am doing these things alone? No with me around 1.13 billion daily active users Facebook have and If you think that no one clicks on Facebook ads then you are wrong. In 2015 Facebook have $5.63 billion total revenue from advertising. ie. Someone’s click right. Cool na. 😀

So as an advertiser or advertising agency you also think that how you could target those 1.13 billion users and get leads for your client and yourself.

How you can target your Users?

You know in current scenario Facebook has emerged as one of the best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses and despite of it there is also a fact that from last few years Facebook organic reach is approx declined that’s the reason all the marketers has turning into Facebook ads to get result for there business.

So there are alots of opportunities in Facebook you can used for your target users. You can easily get good amount of traction for your ads. For that thing you need to set right targeting, right demographic, right audience, good and well defined images and video with some good content for your ads copy which describe your ads perfectly.

Here we how to set these things.

Step 1: You need to create a fresh ads.
Just go to the Create Ads menu.

How to start facebook ads

Step 2: Now you need to select the types of Ads. Like Post Boost, Event Ads,

How to start facebook ads

Step 3: After selection give your campaign name.

How to start facebook ads

Step 4: Select your audience like target location, demographic, targeted sexuality, interest etc. You can also target your users with there email id’s

How to start facebook ads

Step 5: Select interest as much as possible so that your ads can easily reach to your target audience but you need to understand the Interest should be belongs to targeted audience and then you have to select your ads placement.

How to start facebook ads

Step 6: Now you have to put Budget & Scheduled your ads as per your audience preference.

How to start facebook ads

Step 7: Put your ad set name, So if you have multiple ads based on demography or any other thing then you can easily differentiate according to it.

Step 8: Now you have to set ads format like if you want to start video, carousel, single image or slideshow ads then you need to set its format.

How to start facebook ads

Step 9: Now thats the Important things creatives you need to set creatives according to your targeted audience and it must present your business requirement perfectly otherwise your CTR will decreased.

Step 10: At last but not the least, You have to set the text for your ads according to your business needs you can also set your targeted parameter links for tracking purpose.

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