Now Google will remove AdSense from Single Page
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Recently Google announced some changes in its AdSense Policies. One of them is being proceed into page level. As we know that If you will Violate Google’s AdSense policies then they will pulled out the Ads from entire sites. Now Google has changed this policies and instead of pulled ads from entire site it will remove only from the single page which contain violated ads.

Google Says this policy change will help them to act more quickly. But yes site-level actions will also be happen if required. If you will violate the policy repeatedly then it lead to terminated your AdSense account from AdSense program.

Also for user, Google has developed a new communication channel which help you to inform the reason for removal of ads from page or website. Now they have a new policy center which help you to inform all about the violations of policy.

Policy center will provide you step-by-step guide regarding the policy violation information and how you can remove the AdSense ban. Once you will follow their guide and remove the policy violation reason then you need to inform them for reviewing your account and page and once they will review and give you a green single then again your ads will start.

We hope that, Now its a good start from Google AdSense

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