How to improve your SEO CTR (Click Through Rate)
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In SEO CTR is one of the most important SEO matrics as others and there are alots of reasons you need to improve your organic CTRs. In-fact CTRs can help you to improve your organic ranking as well. How?

Because a high organic CTR Keywords in any search engine means you will get more click and once you will get more click then your keywords will off-course ranked well isn’t it? Hence once your CTR will increased by double then your Conversion will also increased by 50%. So in this way CTR is one of the important building block and that’s the reason you should increased it anyhow. But the question is how to increased it?

Here is Larry Kim from Wordstream and Brian Dean from Backlinko has developed a strategical info-graph on this topic.


This article and infographic was orginally published on the Wordstream blog and it’s repeated with permission: Organic SEO CTR Infographic.

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