How to Increase your Sales using Social Proof
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Social proof is smart marketing tactics used in eCommerce which helps you to influence your visitors and increase your sales. It is the way of reassuring the worried customers that the product was effective or not according to other customer’s experience. For example any store, which is visited my many people is psychologically more reliable than a less crowded store though the both have the same brand and market value. Social proofs give a feel of realistic shopping, knowing the products pros and con, before buying it.
In eCommerce, we do not have the option to feel and buy the products. It is hard to convince your customer about the product, as there are no sales representatives. The only thing that can convince your customers is the product images, video and the product details content but how will they be sure about the product’s usages? To add value to your customer’s purchase, citing social proof is recommended to influence your customers. In eCommerce, social proofs are the authenticity which people believe, had worked for other shoppers as well.

How to create social proof?

  • Reviews:

    This is the fundamental sales conversion strategy. In a recent, study it is seen that 77% of customers go through the review before buying a product. Ask your customer to write a review for the products they purchased earlier. Many of your customers will not spend their time writing a review. So arrange a lucrative offer for them to write the review or maybe they can rate the product on the scale.

  • Testimonials:

    It is a bulletin board to show what your previous client have to say about you. A testimonial by known or influential people in your industry can be of great help to convert your visitor into customers.

  • Case Studies:

    Case studies are the powerful when your product claims appreciation about how it have helped the people. So if you are sure that your product is more than useful and people have immensely benefited from it, back it up with a case study.

  • Social sites:

    The number of followers, following your eCommerce sites activities are the number of people who believed in your products and services. The more your followers are, the more people are convinced that so many people can’t be wrong in judging the products you sell. Make your presence highlighted in the known social sites forum like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn etc.

Social proof influence your customers as well as gives your eStore a branding also. Nowadays there are many fake eCommerce sites, it is hard to differentiate between them, your social proof acts like a brand image. In this way, you gain your target customers trusts and they gain confidence in buying an item from your eCommerce store.

Do try these options and lets us know your experiences!

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