5 Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles
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Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles

In the Last spring, Facebook has launched a pilot project programme with some of its selected premium partner publishers like The New York Times, BuzzFeed and The Atlantic. Last month it is now available to everyone its Instant Articles facility. Instant Article by Facebook allow you to share your valuable content instantly on the Facebook platform for Android and iPhone Users.


These feature has some benefits as-well. Here are some benefits.

  • Load Time Faster :

    Instant article will open and load within the app rather then on new web tab, So that your article will open it instantly. As you know that loading of the website is one of the critical issue faced by many web-masters and website owner. According to data and research conducted by agency that 7% loss in conversions happens due to loading time of the website.
    Now Facebook solve this issue, you can see ten times faster loading time and it will also give you 70% lower bounce rates and 30% higher share rates.

  • Monotization within the Platform :

    Now you can show your own rich media ads and display ads within the Facebook Audience. You know 78% of the Facebook’s revenue come from mobile ads so Facebook is also focus on there mobile ads revenue.

  • Demonstrate Content Discovery Network :

    We know Facebook have more then 1 Billion of Users world wide and many people are using Facebook to consume good quality content. So Instant article gives you a ways targeted your content in-front of the targeted users and you can get 20% more click through rate instead of other medium which is a good sign for content based marketing industry.

  • Branding :

    Yes it is an important aspect and Facebook know about it very well that’s why It gives a control on the article content with adjustable colors, text fonts and even logos of the article. This is far good then LinkedIn Pulse.

  • Integration Facility :

    Yes Facebook gives the facility to Integrate your article with other analytical tools like Google Analytics, comScore, Chartbeat, Omniture, and Adobe Analytics. If you have properly integrated your article with these tools. You can also create a separate dashboard for these tools and track all the data easily.

Here is how Instant Article Work.

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