Google launches tool to test website mobile-friendliness & page speed
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Recently Google Announced on there Business blog that they have released a new tool to test your website’s mobile friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile all in one place. This tool will help small business owner to test their sites.

Here is the new tool available link, It will test everything at the same time.

The new tool, available over here, will test this all at the same time. The unique aspects of this tool are:

(A) Get all three i.e Mobile Friendliness, Mobile Speed & Desktop Speed  scores on one page.

(B) Google will email you a more comprehensive report for you to share with your WebMaster/SEOs team.

(C) Google will now give you a 0 out of a 100 score for how mobile-friendly your website is, as opposed to if it is mobile-friendly or not. It will also show the score rate of your website.

Here is what the scores say:

  • Mobile-friendliness: It will show the quality of the experience customers have when they’re browsing your site on their phones.
  • Mobile speed:  It will show website loading speed on mobile devices. As everyone know that If your speed is not good then customer’s will obesely move to the other site.
  • Desktop speed: This is how long it takes your site to load on desktop computers. It’s not just the strength of your customers’ web connection that determines speed, but also the elements of your website.

Here is a screen shot of the report for this site:

screen-shot1 copy

You can see it is a pretty overview, much nicer than the more webmaster/developer-focused options Google has given us in the past. As you scroll down, you get more details on how to make your site more mobile-friendly or faster on desktop or mobile browsers.

Here is a screen shot of the report Google emailed me later:


Do you want to test your own site check out here at

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