Recently Google has launched it’s new App without any press release it’s called – Areo. In Greek Areo means the planet Mars which is a center planet of the Galexy. This app also work like the same ie. It like central system for food and services of India. It is easier and faster app to … Continue reading “Google launched food ordering and home services app called Areo”

Google has added a new feature it’s submit URLs feature directly within search result for indexing. Now Google giving you an option to submit your website URLs for indexing directly in the core Google search results page. Just you have to search [submit URL to Google], and then Google will display a box at the top … Continue reading “Now you can submit URLs to Google in Google’s Search Results”

Recently Google Announced on there Business blog that they have released a new tool to test your website’s mobile friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile all in one place. This tool will help small business owner to test their sites. Here is the new tool available link, It will test everything at the … Continue reading “Google launches tool to test website mobile-friendliness & page speed”

When Google fully confident about your query that they can answer your questions or keywords easily by extracting some web content from some specific pages of the Website then It shows featured snippets against your Keywords or Query. So Now Google update its featured snippets option and added a new version of Feature Snippets which … Continue reading “Google update its featured snippets option”

HTTPS it is a fundamental internet security which protects your confidential data sent between websites and visitor’s browsers. That’s why now Google also giving you HTTPS support for all the Blogspot domain. The important things is that don’t have required to do anything your blogger link will convert automatically. Here is what Google think about … Continue reading “Google giving you free HTTPS support for all Blogspot Domain”