As we know SEO is obviously good for any Website but sometimes it get bad effect as well when we start working as in negative way which called Black Hat SEO. We also know that optimization of any website take some time to produce the results but this result is effective for very long time … Continue reading “6 Google Algorithm Updates Every SEO Should Know”

Recently a publisher asked over Google Webmaster Hangout, can we use Content from product pages to the Category pages will cause demoted of both or either of those. Then Google’s John Mueller provide its opinion on how Google handles the duplicate content issue, what would happen if we will use same snippets of content from … Continue reading “Ecommerce Duplicate Content Issue on Product & Category Pages Solution by Google”

So Here is Confirmation that Google is working on to it’s algorithm update. This Algorithm Update confirmation is confirm by non other than Google Spokesperson. They Say “We released several minor improvements during this time frame, part of our regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy.” What is Update Maccabees (formerly known as Fred)? Yet … Continue reading “New Core Algorithm Update of Google Called Maccabees.”

In addition to introduce better services and better search result, Google has recently announced a new version of structured data testing tool for rich result at Company also announced that from now onwords company will call rich snippets, rich cards or enriched results “Rich results” and it group them all together. Google said this … Continue reading “Google Introduce Rich Results and Rich Results Testing Tool”

So Still your website is not ready for Mobile First Search index, here is an advice given by Search Giant Google. Google recently published an official advice on getting ready for mobile first search index, which will roll out in early 2018. The Mobile first algorithm is already start rolling out in some of the … Continue reading “How to Get Your Website Ready for Mobile-First Index by Google”

Recently Google released some recommendations regarding meta descriptions for better search results.  Also they described how its Crawler render the meta descriptions after this notable update. How Google Generates Meta Descriptions You know very well that there are around 53% CTR increased if you have good meta descriptions of your every pages. previously Google SERP Snippets … Continue reading “How to Create Better Meta Descriptions recommendations by Google”

Recently Google has launched it’s new App without any press release it’s called – Areo. In Greek Areo means the planet Mars which is a center planet of the Galexy. This app also work like the same ie. It like central system for food and services of India. It is easier and faster app to … Continue reading “Google launched food ordering and home services app called Areo”

Google has added a new feature it’s submit URLs feature directly within search result for indexing. Now Google giving you an option to submit your website URLs for indexing directly in the core Google search results page. Just you have to search [submit URL to Google], and then Google will display a box at the top … Continue reading “Now you can submit URLs to Google in Google’s Search Results”