Google Introduce Rich Results and Rich Results Testing Tool
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In addition to introduce better services and better search result, Google has recently announced a new version of structured data testing tool for rich result at

Company also announced that from now onwords company will call rich snippets, rich cards or enriched results “Rich results” and it group them all together. Google said this testing tool “focuses on the structured data types that are eligible to be shown as rich results.” This new version enable all the data sources including the recommended JSON-LD, Microdata or RDFa.

Google also point that this new version will reflect more accurately of the page’s appearance on Search result includes Structured Data found on dynamically loaded content.”

The Points needs to noted down that this tool currently only support tests for Recipes, Jobs, Movies and Courses. Yes, Google also clearify that it will be adding support for other rich result over time.

Below is the Screenshot of the tool.


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