How to Get Your Website Ready for Mobile-First Index by Google
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So Still your website is not ready for Mobile First Search index, here is an advice given by Search Giant Google. Google recently published an official advice on getting ready for mobile first search index, which will roll out in early 2018.

The Mobile first algorithm is already start rolling out in some of the individual sites as per confirmed by Google. So it means you have to ready for your’s also. exactly?

Here is some of the advice given by Google’s Gary Illyes, You can follow to make your website ready for mobile-first indexing.

  • Content is the King. So let’s talk about it. So whether your website is mobile site or desktop site make sure all the content should be same for mobile as well as desktop either it is Text, images or embedded video and it should be properly crawled over mobile.
  • Make sure Stractured data should be updated and if your website have two separate version i.e for mobile and desktop then the stracture data should also for the mobile and desktop.
  • Metadata should be updated. So again if your website have two separate version then meta data should be updated over both the version and it present on mobile and desktop site.

  • Make sure if your website have separate mobile URLs then link rel=canonical and link rel=alternate attributes updated over both the URL for mobile and Desktop site.

  • Hreflang links on mobile URLs should be checked. So if you are using rel=hreflang tag for internationalization then the tag should be present on mobile and desktop URLs separately and it should be point to other language’s mobile URL and same with the Desktop URL.

Make sure your website should follow the above things as Google will be evaluting all the sites individually and it’s algorithm will check whether the above given criteria is met or not. If the criteria will full fill then your website will transitioned to the mobile first index.

Google believes that this mobile first index algorithm will allow more webmasters to prepare and ultimately provide a better experience for mobile search visitors. Yes Google has yet not given any timeline in place for when mobile-first indexing will be fully rolled out. They are aiming for the fully transition in early 2018 but we are assuming that it will take longer.

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