6 Google Algorithm Updates Every SEO Should Know
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As we know SEO is obviously good for any Website but sometimes it get bad effect as well when we start working as in negative way which called Black Hat SEO. We also know that optimization of any website take some time to produce the results but this result is effective for very long time if we compare with other work like SMO, PPC and Email Marketing. Google also understand the effectiveness of SEO and that’s why they always update there algorithm.

Now Google check the quality of the Website through different-different way of algorithm. No doubt have you heard about it or not some of them are Panda, Penguin and Pigeon

Let’s start in detail about these algorithm.

Keep in mind if you saw a sudden drop in the traffic in your website or ranking of the particular keywords then might be you have been bitten by any one of the below algorithm.

1) Google Panda

Panda Algorithm check and evaluates the website based upon the quality of the content. If your website have much more high quality content then might be your website will reward as higher ranking positions and vice versa.

Some of the triggers of the Panda Algorithm?

  • Thin Content
  • Low Quality Content
  • Unhelpful and Untrustworthy Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Content Spinning

How to recover it?

If you are positively know that your website is hit by Panda Algorithm then below further course of action you can take to improve the content’s quality of the Website.

In this case first of all we need to find out all the possible pages which needs to update and then update the fresh content with all the possible tags like use H1,H2, H3 tags as well as use bullets points.

2) Google Penguin

Now Penguin algorithm update check and evaluates the website backlinks of the Website. It has a lots of thing in common with Panda Algorithm but some of the different factors like link Profile and backlinks of your website with authority.

What triggers the Penguin?

  • Buying links
  • Low Quality of Links
  • Keywords Stuffing

How to recover?

It is another big issue and if you are facing the same issue then first of all you have to find out the bad links from different-different tools like ahrefs, moz etc. Once you find out all the bad links then remove them in manually or there are a tool in Google Webmaster called Disavow. So you can just put all the bad links file there once you put the backlinks file then it will take some time to remove those links and Webmaster will message you once it accepted.

3) Google Pigeon

If your website dealt with local business then you might heard local SEO and you know very well that what ranking factors involved in it. So fight with this algorithm update you need to work like Create high-quality content related to your niche, Use keywords that include your location, Optimize your site for mobile devices, Build links from reputable sources, Optimize for the local search algorithm.

How to recover?

You need to use text, images, and videos within your Website content that are strongly associated with your location. You need to create local business directories and Google My Business Page and within that page you need to include NAP (name, address, phone number) also you can get reviews for your local listing and testimonials from your existing customers.

4) Google Hummingbird

Unlike Panda and Penguin algorithm update, Hummingbird Algorithm check the content relevancy of the Website and it shows the most relevant content to the users if you are searching with some query. Hummingbird pay attention regarding a particular query and ensure that the whole query should match with the sentence or conversation or it should match with the meaning of sentence. The Main Goal of this algorithm is to show the pages which perfectly matching the content instead of just a few words.

The Main point of this algorithm update is to help audience not confuse them.

How you can use the Keywords or Phrases for your website to fight with Hummingbird update.

How to recover?

  • Find out keywords from local blogs, forums, social media, Wikipedia, and Q&A platforms.
  • Use Keywords Tools of Google Adwords Planner.
  • Use Google’s search suggestions tools and the “searches related to” section.
  • Use Wikipedia to find the Keywords.

5) Google Mobile-Friendly update (Mobilegeddon)

This mobile-friendly update, a.k.a. Mobilegeddon, arrived in 2015, and in this algorithm update google will separately index to the mobile-friendly websites and it will check all the above parameters.

Lets say the website show negative in Mobile friendly update then you have to work on below things.

How to recover?

  • Responsive design
  • Large font
  • Clear Font and No unplayable elements
  • No separate website(Use Responsiveness instead of separate website)
  • Loading speed
  • Image optimization
  • No excessive code or no inline code.

6) Google Fred Update

If you have blogging website and you are extensively use paid advertising then might be you are faced with this algorithm update. Fred is all about affiliate website and backlinks from it. This algorithm update was one of the recent update and it was effective from March 2017. If you are using Aggressive advertisement within your site and you have very thin and low value of content with poor users experience and suddenly you face some dropping in the ranking then might be you hit with this algorithm update.

How to recover?

  • Make Sure don’t use too much extensive ads in your site.
  • Website have rich number of Content.

So at last any Algorithm Update by Google it always for benefit for there users. will suggest to the users check your website ranking often.

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