In Google Analytics all digital marketers are still looking at Sessions, time on page and conversion but there are many more things you can choose if you want to get more detail about your customer you need to optimize your Google Analytics in better way. There are few steps I used myself which I am … Continue reading “3 Better Ways to Use Google Analytics”

Recently a publisher asked over Google Webmaster Hangout, can we use Content from product pages to the Category pages will cause demoted of both or either of those. Then Google’s John Mueller provide its opinion on how Google handles the duplicate content issue, what would happen if we will use same snippets of content from … Continue reading “Ecommerce Duplicate Content Issue on Product & Category Pages Solution by Google”

Google has quietly introduce its new look for blog search results include carousels and rich list. It will appear on both devices like for mobile and desktop as well. While you will search with exact search mapping like “marketing blogs” then it will return with rich snippet of the blog list Here are some of … Continue reading “New Look for Blog Search Results Introduces by Search Engine Giant Google”

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What is Google Data Studio 360? Last few months back Google has released a perfect tool for Marketers it’s called Google Data Studio 360 and the most important part is that it is absolutely free with limited feature and a general users can create upto five multi-pages reports which could be shared with unlimited number … Continue reading “What is Google Data Studio? How to use it?”