How to improve your Website Speed Performance [infographic]
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Website Speed is one of the most important factor for SEO and its Conversion.


As We all know that website speed significantly affect your Users attention and it also affect your website conversion rate. Even If you will increased the Website traffic and your website speed is very low then it doesn’t help to increase your conversion rate.

There are several key areas which affected by website page’s load time.

  • Sales : There is a report says that 79% of your customers will not return to your website if it is lacks of speed performance because everyone wants to get faster performance.

  • Mobile & UX : More then 70% users uses your eCommerce website through mobile and they expect a page to load the website in less then 3-4 seconds if your website fails to do so then you might loss a lots of users and you need to optimize your website immediately for increase your customer experience.

  • Revenue : If you have slow loading sites then it affect your Visitors and hence it also affects your revenue as well. There is a report describe that around 45% people will not interested to visit your site if its speed is more then 3-4 Seconds and hence your will get your revenue loss.

Website Speed Infographic Skilled

How to improve your site’s speed? Quick Guide

  • Test your current speed
  • Measure mobile performance
  • Monitor analytics for customer behaviour
  • Reduce heavy images and scripts
  • Remove unnecessary plugins
  • Avoid CSS files

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