What is influencer marketing? How to start it?
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Today, we are going to tell you a secret formula to promote your business overnight with just a little effort. May be you can’t believe on it but it’s true.

Now Let’s take an example I have a company name Webvisitors.co.in but you don’t know about it, you never heard about it, you never subscribe my company page or business blog or yet you haven’t follow my company social media pages.

But what about if Neil Patel or WSJ Bestselling author calls about my business name and tells that my company Webvisitors.co.in is one of the best service providers in the World then probably you believe on him. That’s called Influencer Marketing. Where some other popular person will talk about your products and services.

Now challenge is that how you convince them to talk about your business in there pitch. This is one of the most difficult task and we are going to tell you how?

So sending email will not work here because they get thousand of email daily, So its difficult to read all the mails. So apart from all the mails bombarding you have another options its all the social media channels where you can find and target your influencers. In return of it may be some of the influencers will talk about your product and services and it will help to boost up your marketing which is really unprecedented ways traditional marketing can’t compete it.

Why you should use influencer marketing?

So you know here is the answer, Influencer marketing could help and provide you instant visibility, a lots of potential customers and high return of ROI for your digital strategy. According to a study 51% of marketers believe that they acquire better customers easily through influencer marketing and that’s why around more then 80+% of the marketers are working on influencer marketing campaign in 2017 according to a survey conducted by Schlesinger Associates.

Yes you will see and get instant result of your marketing that’s the another reason to start influencer’s marketing of your business.

How to find influencers for your brand and industry?

This is one of the most important questions asked by any marketers. So you have to keep in mind that you don’t need to look after your influencer’s follower instead of it you have to check that how they are relevant for your business how they fit for your brand.

These are the most important thing you need to keep in mind while choosing any influencers which is Context, Reach, and Action ability.

So while you are going to choose influencers for your business growth then you have to think about your audience first then your influencers followers demographics such as age, gender and country of its followers. Always keep in mind that your influencers should be popular bloggers or mostly active on social media.

How you will find your influencer?

To get most relevant influencer you need to determine which social media platform helps your business grow for ex. If you have fashion brand then Instagram and Pinterest influencers will work better and If you have Services related to web design and marketing then Facebook and Twitter will work better.

While you are going to choose influencers then always ask in detail get yours influencers audience list of their blog through Analytics.

These are some of the key matrices to check your influencer’s blog authority.

  • Domain Authority
  • SEMrush Organic Keywords
  • SEMrush Organic Traffic
  • Unique Visitors
  • TrustFLow
  • CitationFlow
  • Engagement Per Post
  • Audience Demographics (Age, Location, Gender)

What would be the charges of the Influencers?

Its depend upon your negotiation power may be you can offer them your product license or your services or may be some charges it’s all depend upon your negotiation power.  Now are your ready to get your influencer marketing campaign? Keep in mind these things.

Identify and Qualify Relevant Influencers: You have to study your influencers profile their blogs and then you have to identify that that influencer is relevant for your brand or not.

Marketing Strategy: Its depend upon the marketing budget then you need to write up a campaign brief.

Pitch your brand: You have to keep in mind that your influencer campaign pitch should be unique, compelling and concise. Always track all the campaign result with all the metrics like impressions, clicks, transactions, emails and audience growth.

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