What is Google Data Studio? How to use it?
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What is Google Data Studio 360?

Last few months back Google has released a perfect tool for Marketers it’s called Google Data Studio 360 and the most important part is that it is absolutely free with limited feature and a general users can create upto five multi-pages reports which could be shared with unlimited number of users with editing features. Now it is available to all over the world. This tool could be easily fetched data from Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, Attribution 360 and Google Sheet whatever you have required.


You can easily access this product with the URL datastudio.google.com. You can have two options, Either you can start your own custom reports or you can import your own data by using blank sheet.

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How to start the Reporting feature?

  • You can either select Google Data Studio from analytics at customisation or directly open the link ie. datastudio.google.com
  • Now select blank dashboard.
  • Now you need to select the chart sheet like pie chart, bar chart, graph chart, table, score board, geo map with Date Range option. Once you will select the things as per your requirement then you will see a full fledge report like below. You can customized it and share it with different – different users.


How to pull data for Data Studio?

It is one of the most usefull feature of Data Studio that you can easily pull the data from other sources so just you need to select the data sources to pull the data and give them grant acess.

As I mention above you can only pull the data from Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, Attribution 360 and Google Sheet. Another Important feature is Real Time Data access. Yes what ever the data pull facility you will use all those data is real time so you don’t need to wait for the updation of the report it will update automatically. Another benefit is that you can add unlimited number of pages in a single reporting feature.

Now when ever your clients will ask about the report then you can easily share the reports and show them your efforts in an easy to understand way. By Sharing reports to your clients. So it is definitely good for the business.

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