How to customized Facebook Business’s Page? Tips & Tricks.
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Today Facebook is one of the best Social Media Platform to promote your business with around 1.8 billion active users. Facebook have better marketing opportunity to promote your business across the Globe. It have better targeting option with nearly every stage of audience. It have a deep audience segregation options, you can filter out on the basis age, gender, city, country etc.

So in all the sector Facebook have a large number of User base you can target them according to your needs for it you have to have a Facebook Page. You will get wonder to heard that today facebook have around 40 million+ business page with small to large enterprises. These page have nearly every stage of the marketing funnel you can target them.

So for target them visitors you have to create a good brand and better customizing business page.

Here are some steps of customization.

  1. Static Custom URL :

    As you know in personal profile you have options to set your own URL, Same thing is with the Business page. It have options to Set your custom URL for your Facebook business page that should be short and easy to remember. for Example we have our own domain name mix URL like , So our overall goal is to create a brand page with our own URL assets.

  2. Add a Call to Action :

    Call to Action is one of the Important button in Facebook page. It helps to create a big impact on the Users as well as for business Improvement. If you haven’t created a CTA for your page then you will see “Add Action Button” where you can easily place your CTA. Once you will click overthere you will get some list of the menu where you will easily find out different types of options to set your CTA.

  3. facebook-call-to-action-1

    It have around 11 Options:

    • “Contact Us”
    • “Book Now”
    • “Call Now”
    • “Send Message”
    • “Use App”
    • “Play Game”
    • “Shop Now”
    • “Sign Up”
    • “Watch Video”
    • “Send Email”
    • “Learn More”

    So if you are going to use the above options then you must use parameter to track all those activity. Parameter or Tracking link will help to track all the user who are using the above CTA.

  4. Customized Templates :

    Facebook gives you another best feature to target your users with great benefit. You can customized your page templates. So that you can highlight your important feature to the Users.

  5. They have around 7 Types of page templates.

    • Standard
    • Professional Services
    • Shopping
    • Business
    • Venues
    • Politicians
    • Restaurants & Cafes

    So you can easily choose your templates which is related to your business area’s. Just you have to click Setting-> Edit Page button.

  6. Must have Control over the Page :

    Yes facebook page is like your business reputation. Everything is must under your control, Either Review, Visibility, Tagging Ability, Country Restrictions, Audience Optimization for Posts etc. So for controlling all these things you have option tackle these things. Go to Setting-> General-> You can get all these options. Now set these options as per your requirement.

  7. Custom Images :

    What ever you post over your Facebook page all the followers will see it. So you must have choose the images which helps and impact your business. All the Images you are going to user for your post or cover it should be customized with HD resolutions. That helps to create your brand value. You can also used a logo or custom messages for your Facebook pic so the users can easily understand that this post is related and have posted through your Facebook channels.

  8. Use Page Author Name :

    Yes it another important tips for your business growth. If you are using to promote your own branding for your business then this will absolutely help you. Just you have to add your author name in your post and always post it with that author name. You can also used multiple author name for your page author name can be your blog Author. Below is an example.

  9. webvisitors-page-author

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