‘Call-Only’ Ads Campaign Introduce by Google Adwords
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If you have local business and you want to drive leads for your business, It leads could be in multiple way either it is in the form of signups or either it is in the form of calls. So driving phone calls is one of the most crucial way to success of the business. Now If your business is focus on the second process ie. phone calls then you can try out the new approach of Google Adwords.

Google Adwords just introduced call-only campaigns in this way you can display your phone number, business description and phone call button when people are searching about your business. As we know around more then 70% of business directly call from search results in Google. Another Important fact is that Call-only Campaigns are full optimized for mobile devices so that your user can easily make phone calls. If the devices is not compatible then it won’t displayed. It means you have to only pay for the devices that could be easily make phone calls. In this way you can easily optimized your bid as per the value and strategy of your CPA & ROAS Goals of Calls.

Google also suggest that since the ads is specifically designed for phone calls hence you can write the content which could be direct CTA like “Ask from an Expert” or “Call for free support!” etc.


The best part of this method is that you can easily setup the ads without any interruption while during creation of any ads. Just you need to choose ads type “call only” from there you have to fill the other important fields just like you setup the other ads.

So We would like to suggest, If still you are using the old method of call extensions to setting up call-only ads, then you can easily upgrade your campaigns by the above calls only ads facility. If you want to know in more detail about this ads method you can easily get reference in this Article.

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