New Look for Blog Search Results Introduces by Search Engine Giant Google
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Google has quietly introduce its new look for blog search results include carousels and rich list. It will appear on both devices like for mobile and desktop as well. While you will search with exact search mapping like “marketing blogs” then it will return with rich snippet of the blog list

Here are some of the new blog search carousels:




During the testing we found it changes their result very frequently some time it shows rich list and some time it show carousel instead of rich list for the same result.

Here is an example of same result for the above search query.


Keep in mind that Curiously will not bring you to the blog it self it will show new result for the same query and it will show new search result of the blog.

Hence this feature will not impact your traffic and you will not get too much heavy traffic diversion on your blog but yes it will help to improve your visibility and it will improve your branding.

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