Five common mistakes small businesses make with their online presence
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The truth for small entrepreneur is that optimizing a website is a lengthy process, and obtaining front page rankings on Google and other search engines could take months of diligence. 54% of small businesses currently have a website that shows facts and making continuous presence is big important work to do for any business. The most common mistakes that can avoid in following year are.

1. Ignoring local SEO:

Local SEO helps you to catch attention of your customers who perform searches for a particular location or product or services. By optimizing your site for local queries, you are helping customers discover your business and your services easily. The best ways to enhance your local SEO are Verify your Google My Business listing, Embed a Google Map in your website, Optimize Meta tags and page content for local keywords and Use consistent contact information across your online profiles.

2. Not having an accessible website for all devices :

Entrepreneur should make their accessible website and apps which open and work in bit of seconds. According to a survey from Google, 72% of mobile users consider it important for a website to be mobile-accessible. In fact, a website suitable with all mobile increases the chances of conversion and similar results occur when focusing on optimal site speed. Google has also recently introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in an attempt to increase the number of fast mobile web pages and help users enjoy their mobile experience without the frustration of slow loading pages.

3. Not taking advantage of customer reviews:

Small businesses should encourage reviews as they serve as the best social proof when they are highlighted in a website. Online reviews have become an important part of consumers’ purchasing decisions, with 88% of them trusting reviews as much as personal recommendations.

4. Not joining up their data between online, offline and mobile:

Every Business have a challenge to expending their online presence. They just not only bother about ROI but also bother about combining the data between online, offline and mobile marketing. The business should have some budget for these process as well. If this things not complete then you are missing the opportunities to increase the Visitors flow as well as sales.

5. Not communicating with their customers:

It is major mistake not to respond our valuable customer or remembering them on special occasion and launching. It’s vitally important for a business to understand its audience, as this will guide it towards future commercial goals. The goal of building an online presence is to get closer to where the customers are and build meaningful, tangible engagement. Two-way communication between the business and the customer, all the way from initial user experience to any method of contact, should be measured and analyzed to prove the value and effectiveness of all touch points.

According to small business marketing website Deluxe, 66% of consumer who perform computer searches visit a business within 5 miles, while a whopping 75% of mobile searchers follow suit. When you make yourself visible to these searchers, you could see a significant uptick in local business related to online searches. If you hire an SEO expert to optimize the online components of your company, you’ll be free to run your growing business in the meantime.

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