Google giving you free HTTPS support for all Blogspot Domain
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Google Support HTTPS

HTTPS it is a fundamental internet security which protects your confidential data sent between websites and visitor’s browsers. That’s why now Google also giving you HTTPS support for all the Blogspot domain. The important things is that don’t have required to do anything your blogger link will convert automatically.

Here is what Google think about HTTPS

HTTPS is fundamental to internet security; it protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors’ browsers. Last September, we began rolling out HTTPS support for blogspot domain blogs so you could try it out. Today, we’re launching another milestone: an HTTPS version for every blogspot domain blog. With this change, visitors can access any blogspot domain blog over an encrypted channel.

Not Only free HTTPS Blogspot Users will get another benefit i.e extra layer of protection when your blog user will see a green lock image HTTPS Certificate in your icon in the address bar. So that your website users have confident that your site is fully secure and they will more likely to visit your site.

Google also warns that there are certain functionality will not work with HTTPS versions of the website which include incompatible templates, gadgets, or post content. Google is pro-actively working to fix these errors.

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