Google Roll Out a New Ad Format of YouTube
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Google Roll Out a New Ad Format for YouTube

Recently Google is trying to roll out a new YouTube ad format which will be UnSkippable. Google called this ad as “Bumper” ads. It will shown just before the Video you watch on your Phone or Tablet.

Google –

Recent research has shown that half of 18-49 year olds turn to their mobile device first to watch video… That’s why today we’re announcing Bumper ads – a new six-second video format, sold through the Google Adwords auction on a CPM basis.

Expection date for this ad roll out will be May. So In this ad you may not be able to skip it. If we will talk about long – form Video ads then Google allow you to skip ads after five seconds, So we think that it will not be too much irritating. It means that you will see all the varieties of ads instead of only long form or short 5 mins video ads.

You can also see that their are certain ads uploaded and run successfully as second sponsored clips this is the Indication of the ads updation. Audi Germany and Atlantic Records are currently testing the new ad format before it rolls out to the masses. It also indicate that Google is traying to target Young generation and mobile – first audience instead of every one.

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