Soon Users will see Videos on there Google Maps listings, as Google giving you options to upload Videos from your Android device. Videos Only Uploaded through Android can be seen by Users on iOS, Android or Desktop device. Here are some suggestion by Google for this new feature : ”The possibilities are really exciting: Take … Continue reading “Now Upload Videos in Your Google Local Listing Page.”

In SEO the terms like natural links, quality links, and good links are going to be thrown around like crazy. Either you pitching with your client, attending any seminar or conference or discussing with your boss. It’s very much important to understand about the different types of links. In this post We are going to … Continue reading “What is Good Backlink? (Natural Link)”

Version 12 of Google’s AdWords Editor is now available worldwide to all advertisers. Google Adword’s Editor has some new features including its design and some features which include custom rules, faster account downloads, support for bidding to maximize conversions, and more. Refreshed Design Now Google updated its design with new look to feel more consistent … Continue reading “Google Adwords have new Editor With Version Name Editor 12. Here’s What’s New.”

Now You can easily personalize your image and video feeds based on interests and favorites, Recently Bing introduce this feature. Just you have to visit the Bing homepage and navigate to the images or video whatever you want over-there you will see a “Feed” tab. You can personalize your feed based on trending searches. So … Continue reading “Bing Introduce Personalized Image and Video Feeds”

Recently Google released some recommendations regarding meta descriptions for better search results.  Also they described how its Crawler render the meta descriptions after this notable update. How Google Generates Meta Descriptions You know very well that there are around 53% CTR increased if you have good meta descriptions of your every pages. previously Google SERP Snippets … Continue reading “How to Create Better Meta Descriptions recommendations by Google”