How to Create Facebook Ads
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Facebook

If you want to setting up paid Facebook campaign then there are a lots of boxes you have to check. Also you need to think more about you’re targeting to the right people. Image dimensions up to scale, text, heading, website link etc. It’s really a little bit confusing isn’t it?

Facebook have more than 1.7 billion Visitors with over 900 million visitors every day. Due to this much huge traffic Facebook is really a good platform for any marketer to promote their products, Services or business.

So to help those marketers, we have put some steps to starts your Facebook ads easily let’s have a look with one by one steps.
Before starting these steps you have to select either one options from these two.

  1. Ads Manager
  2. Power Editor

Now let’s start with Ads Manager. Because Ads manager is perfect for most of the Companies, Power Editor is serves for large advertisers which is used to help and manage large number of campaign at a time.

Here we go with the steps

Step 1:

Click into the Create Ads Menu.


Step 2:

Select your marketing objective.


Step 3:

Create Audience.


Step 4:

Select Demographic Locations, Age Group, Gender & Language of your Audiences. Now you have to select Interest, Behaviors & Connections of your Audience.


Note :

Connections have 3 options Facebook Pages, Apps & Events. You can either target any of the Users who have already liked your page or have not liked it etc.

Step 6:

Now you to select right Placements to Show your ads to the right people in the right places.


Step 7:

Budget & Schedule put and define how much you’d like to spend, and when you’d like your ads to appear.


Step 8:

Now put the name of the Ad Set.


Step 9:

This is important thing you have multiple options to select your Ads type or Format Choose how you’d like your ad to look a like.


Step 10:

Put Image with the Size 1200*628 and title, description and like of the website. Then place an Order your ads is then start.


If Still you faced some issue. Do let me know by commenting below.

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