How to Optimized Webpage with Keywords as SEO Point of View?
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Webpage Optimization is one of the important part for OnPage SEO Strategy and for that you need perfect plan to choose correct Keywords mapping for all the pages of your website. Each page have different – different Keywords targeting approach whether it is your homepage, blog page or landing page it should be optimized as per number of Keywords.

Now one of the important question is that how many Keywords we should use and where these keywords we should use as per perfect SEO Plan.

Lets start with some of the Important pages and place.

  1. Blog Page:
  2. It is particularly for the specific pages which is used to focus on a particular terms and topic which is trending. So I would like to suggest you use only one keywords per blog topic also used centric title tag and meta descriptions with Image ALT/Title tag for that page.

  3. Home Page :
  4. Generally you targeted multiple Keywords particularly for the home page but that’s not a good way. You should carefully select keywords which is more competitive and have high priority. Also note down that all the Internal pages should be add with home page or your site so that it should be reachable for all Users. So don’t used more then 60 Characters of the Title for any pages not only for the Homepage because this title will show in the google SERP.

  5. Landing Pages :
  6. It is also most important page because you target your user for particular Keywords. Be ensure that for particular landing page you have to target only one Keywords don’t use multiple keywords in a particular landing page. Same with the title and Meta tags, just you need to focus your targeted Keywords for particular landing page. That keywords should be used for Landing Page title, Meta Descriptions and Image ALT/Title Tags within the anchor text.

There are many SEO Experts consider that your page should be optimized with atleast 1.5 – 3% percent of Keywords density. If you are using more then that Keywords density then it could be considerd as spam. You can easily use this formula for calculating the Keywords density which will be. Nkr/Tkn)*100.

Nkr = How many times you repeated a specific keyword for specific page.
Tkn = The total number of words in the particular page.

Lets take an example : If you want to calculate Keywords density for a single page where your keywords is repeted around 5 times and total number of words have around 500 in a single page then the density would be (5/500)*100 i.e 1 Percent which is really a good no.

For a page about search engine optimization where that phrase is used four times and there are four hundred words on the page, the keyword phrase density is (4*3/400)*100 or 3 percent.

Here is a Video where Rand Shows, How we can follow Keyword Targeting Practices.

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