How to Start A/B Testing in Google Analytics – A Beginners Guide.
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What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing/Split Testing or Bucket Testing : It is a method to comparing two different – different versions of the Webpages for determine which one is performing better. A/B testing is a way of experiment where you can show different – different variant of the pages to Users at random way and then we can determine which one is performing better by the help of Statistical analytics of the data.

It is really one of the best method to figure our your Marketing Strategies based on your Statistical data. You can easily test Everything which help to boost the marketing needs like Your Website Pages, Call To Action, Emails, Search Ads etc. More Over if you are planning in a good way then you will get a huge differences of the data which helps to create your marketing needs.

How to Implement A/B Testing Or Split Testing?

First of all you need to figure out your marketing goals and based on that marketing goals you need to find out what you want to test like OnSite Test or OffSite Test. If you are planning Onsite Test then it should be impact directly to the sales CTA of your Website.

If you want Off-site test then either you are trying to test and ad of Adwords PPC or Sales Email. It will help you to decide you which ads is performing better and then you can easily able to spend more money on that ad. The same is with emails you can filter out your mail list in two versions and then tracks your email id that which one is performing better.

How to Start A/B Testing?

Step 1 : Go to Google Analytics.

Step 2 : Click on Behaviour -> Experiments -> Create a New Experiments

Step 3 : Set Number of Days, Traffic Distributed and Confidence Threshold (Set the minimum confidence threshold that must be achieved before Analytics can declare a winner. The higher the threshold, the more confident you can be in the result. A higher threshold can result in Analytics taking longer to declare a winner.) of your Experiment.


Step 4 : Set 2 different – different Variant of the Pages with different URL.


Step 5 : Now its time to setting up the code. Paste the experiment code immediately after the opening head tag at the top of your original page.


Step 6 : Check the Tick Mark at both the places if the Experiment is correct and then put the notes of the Experiment.


Do Let us know by comment below, If you are facing any issue for Implementation of this testing.

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